Five years of Brotherhood

Tactical Commando Force

                                                 A R M Y

General Latro


305th Infantry Battalion

"You cannot face fear without having first faced courage."

Representative in Congress: __________




Rex - Master Sergeant


65th Sniper Battalion

"The shadows our allies, Patience our best friend."

Representative in Congress: Latro

Krats - Master Sergeant
Zroid - Advanced Recon Trooper
Latro - General
Death - Master Sergeant
RC-54 / Frostbite - Gunnery Sergeant

                                           M A R I N E S

General Billy / Recon


701st Marine Battalion

"Mess with the best - die like the rest"

Representative in Congress: Billy 



Billy / Recon - General

Mandalf - Gunnery Sergeant

MedicMoya - Lieutenant Colonel



                                         A I R   F O R C E

General Patriot Penguin


 11th Airborne Battalion

 "Never leave a man behind." 

Representative in Congress: Patriot Penguin



Patriot Penguin - General

Yoda - Private First Class

TheEnforcer - Private First Class


67th Air Raid Battalion

"We fight for honor!"

Representative: in Congress Moya

(Due to now officers in battalion)



StarElite - Sergeant

Luke - Private First Class

Missing In Action

 †Missing In Action†

Garrick -  Second Lieutenant

Crazykill - Sergeant

 Javier - Second Lieutenant

 Brass Monkey - First Sergeant
Blake -Second Lieutenant
Dud - Private First Class
Sasquatch - Lance Corporal
Hard Core - Private
Dark Lord - Lance Corporal  


Barney White





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