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Hello everyone!

There are a few things you should all know about as quite a bit has happened as of late:

STAR WARS: Battlefront:

As you all know, GameSpy shut down all of the SWBF1 servers around this time last year, much to our dismay. However, in the past month a new way has been revealed by our friends over at SWBFGamers: GameMaster. This new .exe file allows us to bypass GameSpy's restrction and create and play in our own servers just as we did once before! An automated downlaod link can be found HERE.


As you all nkow Penguin and I have been hard at work hammering out things with our awesome webseries FRONTLINES. I have resently taken down our previous website and have moved it to our own site here! You can visit the new FRONTLINES page and all it has to offer by clicking "FRONTLINES" on the above NaviBar or right HERE.

I've also uploaded some new music that will feature in Episode IV, so head on over to our Music Lounge to listen to that sweet, sweet sound!

Quiz of the Week:

As most of you know, the Quiz of the Week is in danger of ending permanetly, unless people start actually participating. With only 2 more quizzes left until the closing date, I encourage you all to aprticipate so that we can continue the Quiz. If there is no increase in activity there, then on the 22nd of July the Quiz shall ask it's final quesiton. The Quiz of the Week is posted every Wednesday in the Central Comlink (Guestbook).

Need I remind you all that by awnsering the Quiz you give yourself a chance to win a prize valued at 35$...?


Hey, hey, hey, guess who's a newly minted Gunneray Sergeant? R5, or RC-54 has passed all the requirements for his promotion and now proudly displays his new rank. So, who's next? If you meet the allotment requirements for a promotion, call me up and we'll see what we can do!


"The strength to survive must come from within. Others will always fail you - friends, family, love... in the end, each person must stand alone." Drew Karpyshyn

"Can you recall what it is like to dream? Fear coursing through your body, sweat fighting its way through your pores, a scream caught just below your tongue… In dreams you can wake up, but nightmares are eternal. Welcome to your nightmare." - The Defect

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Good for you RC keep up the good work :D


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I'm never talking to you again, you took away RCC.


Americans don’t work to live—they work to stuff their home with Chinese-made products that no one will want after they die.

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In other news - welcome back!


And the R.C.C is still there, but if it really means that much to you we can discuss it's return..?

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