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Clan Meetings Every Two Weeks 

friday nights at 6: 30 P.M. Pacific Time! All {TcF}s are wanted for the clan night! There will be Games, Clan photos, planing, and lots of partying! Make sure to check out the "Clan Games" section! for ideas for Clan Night! Rank promotions, prize give outs, ideas, General elections, and lots of party food: Pizza, Coca cola, Sprite, 7 Up, and much much more!!

Horse Racing - Hoth
Pod Racing - Genosis

Bike competition -Dune See
Forest Foot Race -Endor

Take the chamber - Bespin
Clan Night B.B.Q. -Kasheykk Islands

Hotel - Kasheeykk Islands 
Naboo Theed

Donkey Racing 2011 - Naboo planet 

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