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I kinda want to know what other people's general strategies are for SWB.

There are 5 types:

  1. aggressive
  2. defensive
  3. sniper
  4. camper
  5. oppurtunist

Post if you have time please.



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Oh, i forgot descriptions.

Aggressive-once an adversary is sighted, you won't let up until one, or both, of you is dead.

defensive-prefers to stay in one general area and make sure its protected.

sniper-kinda obvious; point and click.

camper-also obvious but different from sniper and defensive as they alsmost never move.

oppurtunist-moves around till he sees and enemy. instead of the destroy option of the aggressive type, he follows until a chance arrises, then... well you know.



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Me? i'm an oppurtunist cause if you've played with me, i'm not aggresive at all but i'm always nearby.



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I'm probally defensive..Maybe Sniper or Agresive..But I'm pretty sure defensive.


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oppurtunist sir blake


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