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      Yes, it must be that time of year! Stories are flying outta the wazoo! DW LEader Kevin has been working on a story for a while and is now into 15 Chapters! It's a story on a group of mercenaries who fight along side teh clones during the Clone Wars. Contains mild language Check it out!


      Also, I've desided to post some of my stories as well. Meet Garen Vashaan, a young Padawan back in teh days of the Old Republic. Struggling with his feelings and his dedication to the Jedi Order, Garen is subject to torturous acts until he can barely reconize himself. Precipice  is a fun, high actioned ride for all Star Wars fans! Chapter 1 however, might get moved down to Chapter 14 if things go as planned. But hey, I had to give you guys something :P Read Precipice here!


     Happy reading everyone!

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Some where over the rainbow!


Americans don’t work to live—they work to stuff their home with Chinese-made products that no one will want after they die.

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That could make an interesting story! Also, i've updated the site! We now have a glosssary, guestbook and Dramatis Personae! Check it out!

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