Clan Night January 2011 Clan Night January 2011 Campfire photo! WEll aint that the best picture... OH NO! BARNEY's on fire! 112385974 Gunship Calavry Enjoying the scenery.... on the top of a Gunship. 112385975 Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..... Well we arn't roastin' chestnuts but the smores where real good! 112385976 Idleing by the pool The waitor always ready to serve his guests... and right now that whould be the need of a towel, 112385977 Water, water, everywhere! Swimming is such a sweet sensation.... I can't wait for the restaurant! 112385978 Clan Night B.B.Q. Cookin' em' smores nice en' toasty! 112460055 Picture of the gunship Clan Night was the best! 112460056 GREAT CLAN NIGHT GREAT CLAN NIGHT 112460057 Barny A.K.A. Hotel owner. 112460058