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I'm the oldest active commando in the force, I am the current general of TcF's Airforce branch, and leader of the 11th Airborne.

“Whoever sheds the blood of man,

by man shall his blood be shed,

for God made man in his own image."

-  Genesis 9:6

"Let's Do This"

- Gary Gilmore

"I don't believe in eevolution"

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Reply {TcF}=Laytro={G}{65th}
9:34 PM on July 2, 2015 
That is scary, super scary
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
12:15 PM on July 1, 2015 
Good evening CAPTAIN! I had a nightmare that Kevin came back to bf1.
Reply {TcF}=Laytro={G}{65th}
2:32 AM on June 26, 2015 
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
3:39 PM on June 9, 2015 
Abraham Lincoln = dictator
Reply Darman2361
10:48 PM on May 26, 2015 
"You are from Illinois like OBAMA!"

Yah, and because I know you are Republican, Lincoln was from IL too.
Reply BarneyWhite
5:40 AM on December 7, 2014 
Hi penguin just leaving personal message. Hi :)
Reply {GRC}Mjr.Caboose
7:18 PM on December 3, 2014 
Traitor? Cheat? I see what you mean by traitor (inactive) but cheat!?
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
4:29 PM on December 1, 2014 
You're a traitor and a cheat! and in active on swbf1 - worst than the other two combined!
Reply {GRC}Mjr.Caboose
10:55 PM on November 21, 2014 
I joined because i'm your ally?
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
1:05 AM on June 6, 2014 
Reply Rickcastle45
7:22 AM on May 12, 2014 
Happy birthday!
Reply «Jenson»
3:03 AM on September 27, 2013 
I'm soo dead..
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
11:54 PM on September 8, 2013 
Are you dead?
Reply (DL)lrd.Darkclone:
10:30 PM on April 1, 2013 
bye everyone T_T i might talk awile here xd
Reply {TcF}=Yoda/383={PFC}(11)
9:05 AM on December 19, 2012 
"There is one thing you don't ever put in a trap... Penguin."
Reply (DL)lrd.Darkclone:
3:04 AM on December 3, 2012 
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
12:15 PM on December 2, 2012 
Reply Rickcastle45
7:14 AM on November 28, 2012 
Yeah... I'd check into that....!
Reply {TcF}=Yoda/383={PFC}(11)
12:29 AM on November 28, 2012 
Um penguin your posts and your avatar is not showing up... It says your content has been removed due to abuse

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