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I like Chryslers, Republicans, dogs and coffee.  And i am the 1st member to join tcf :D

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Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
6:51 PM on February 1, 2013 
Wowsa, been a while since he even logged on.
Reply {TcF}=Yoda/383={PFC}(11)
5:21 AM on November 1, 2012 
Hiya twitch! I will exterminate that penguin
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
9:39 AM on November 15, 2011 
I am contacting the F.C.C. Diversity Chief as to your offending photo.
Reply Twitch
4:41 PM on November 10, 2011 
Its not a racist picture, its in black AND white!:D
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
12:02 PM on October 25, 2011 
I'm offended by your profile photo.
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
10:40 AM on October 25, 2011 
I don't associate with Racists.
Reply Twitch
3:27 PM on July 5, 2011 
Lets change the subject shall we?
Reply Rickcastle45
3:53 PM on July 1, 2011 
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
12:55 AM on July 1, 2011 
Reply Twitch
12:31 AM on June 28, 2011 
Yes, I really could care less about people calling other people racist.
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
6:49 PM on June 27, 2011 
I wish no one invented the word 'Racist' Its so annoying.
Reply Karts
3:02 AM on June 23, 2011 
Has anyone ever noticed that if a white person insults a Latino, it's racist, but a black person can say the same thing and it's okay? people are so weird...
Reply Twitch
4:46 PM on June 21, 2011 
Not really. I just think your one of those people that if you say mexican or black you get offended.
Reply Rickcastle45
3:53 PM on June 21, 2011 
*Reporter*: So are you admiting that you are racist M. Twitch?
Reply Twitch
10:29 PM on June 14, 2011 
And here is proof!
Reply Rickcastle45
2:44 AM on June 14, 2011 
Wow now who is racist ;)
Reply Twitch
2:28 PM on June 8, 2011 
I know. im just trying to copy the people who get offended if you say something about a black or Mexican person.
Reply Karts
4:34 AM on June 8, 2011 
Mexico is a country, not a race.
Reply Twitch
12:11 PM on June 6, 2011 
Penguin thats really racist
Reply {TcF}-Penguin-{G}(11th)
1:20 PM on June 2, 2011 
Wait I got a better idea we send Ophra to some bad planet or Mexico...

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