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 Welcome to the FRONTLINES website, part of the {Tactical Commando Force}'s website.

    Our dedicated team is currently hard at work on FRONTLINES: Episode III - Desert Descent, ensuring that the final product is something for all to enjoy and for our crew to be proud of.

    While we all wait breathlessly for the next chapter in the 41st Elite Corps' saga, this site has many features to offer to keep you sated until the big day.

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    From an archive of episodes, as well as link in order to watch them directly from their source, to an in-depth look at important and returning characters to memorable moments from your favourite episodes and promotions for upcoming titles as well as a constantly updated fan-art gallery; all this and more here at your FRONTLINES H.Q.!

Episode Summaries //

FRONTLINES, set a year and a half after the events of STAR WARS: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, spins the story of the Grand Army of the Republic's clones as they battle through Separatist forces, new threats and the fear of what has yet to come...

Episode I - Hoth: The Hideout                                   Episode III - Desert Descent

Episode II - Hostage Extraction

Episode I // Hoth: The Hideout

The {Tactical Commando Force} clan, Cross Roads Productions and Tactical Films presents the first episode in a new STAR WARS: Battlefront televised series; FRONTLINES - starting off with the pilot episode Hoth: The Hideout!

On the frozen ice world of Hoth, an elite squad of the 41st Elite Corps, with the help of UCF and DL are sent on a mission find terrorist clan leader Chrishaga Bin Haden and bring him to justice.

Breaking through the frontlines of the enemy's defences, the Special Opps team infiltrates the Rebel Base to hunt for the illict leader. No ill-word or injury can stop this elite team from seeing their mission through to the end!



Directed by: {TcF}=PatriotPenguin={G}(11)

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Episode II // Hostage Extraction

Deployed on the remote forest moon of Endor, a division of the 41st Elite Corps under the direction of ARC Trooper Commander Rick set out to locate a hidden CIS stronghold. Their objective: find and capture the Separatist leader General Poloris and to extract information on a rumoured Separatist super weapon.

Using the Grand Army's new "stormtrooper prototype armour", Rick guides the team through the forests' landscapes. Shall the Republic triumph in this mission or will the clones' last memories be those of a blaster bolt speeding towards them?



Directed by: {TcF}=PatriotPenguin={G}(11)

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Episode III // Desert Descent

This episode is in production. More information concerning the feature shall be released as the episode progresses.


Directed by: {TcF}=PatriotPenguin={G}(11)

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