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                                               Current Games

Ever want to do something besides just kill? Host one of these server games if you are in {TcF} only. Other people from different clans may join, though. If you ever have suggestions for new games, talk on Xfire with a General or post on the comlink.

All Out Battle:

Where anything goes! You can capture command posts, use any units, spawn kill, cp mine, gltich, and team kill. Everything as in, everything but using dis respect, of course.

{TcF} Versus All:

This is one of my favorites. You can do this in a few can have only {TcF} in your server and be agasint them. That can teach you many new tactics, and is alot of fun. You can also make a public server and do the same thing, or have more than one {TcF} member on your team and take on everyone else in the server.

{TcF} Chamber Fight:

You've maybe taken part in a chamber battle before, so some of you are probably already familiar with the rules. One team (usually rebels) will start inside the chamber and take its command post. Imperials in this case will be taking the courtyard, to even the command posts and the reinforcement bleed. When the imperials (in this case) over power the rebels and capture the chamber going through the rear or front entrance (no glitching!) rebels will take the courtyard and the same process will continue. Also fair teams makes this more fun.

{TcF} Cops & Robbers:

This is an interesting version of the game, cops and robbers. One person is the cop, and the rest are robbers. There will be one + jail cells, 2 max for each person (say theirs 6 robbers, 3 jail cells) and the cop will start in the middle of the map. Make sure team kill is on if everyone is on the same team, because it makes the game go faster and more intense if the cop can see you on the map.

{TcF} Zombie Freenzy:

This can only take place at a map with such a setting as the chamber on cloud city. Here one team will take the chamber and one team will take the courtyard (if at cloud city) and one person will be the person attacking from the courtyard into the chamber, because more than 3 people in the chamber who aren't allowed to leave it aren't infected by this disease the person that starts in the courtyard has, and once they are killed they join that person to get the rest. Works way better with big teams.

 {TcF} SUMO Fight:

A newly added game, which takes place on the white disc  on Bespin Cloud City beside the rebels/republic droid room. (close to the C.P., up the ramp). Everyone gets the usual carrying amount of 3 grenades to grenade the other challenger off. Who ever can grenade the other opponent off first wins. If you run out of grenades unfortunately, you can jump off and go replenish your supply through the roof of the droid room.

{TcF} Speeder bike Race

 A long known pastime, but a new official game, the speeder bike race history started with the Ai 200 May 25th, 2012, Where Frostbite took the trophy after Mr. Butter crashed in a rock and erupted in a ball of fire, and behind him was TheHugBug65 driven by patriot penguin. The speeder bike race consists of more then 3 racers, a track, and speeder bikes, the track is layed out, there is one judge at the beginning of the race, he counts down then the speeders are off, most speeder races are at least 10 laps, with one mandatory pit stop.


Infected is a zombie inspired game, that begins with everyone clone, except one person. The clones start at the cp and the count down is launched, once the clones move out, the other person who is A Zombie pig trys to kill clones if a clone dies he has to go zombie pig. this continues tell there is only one person left, the last person left wins. Who ever dies first must be zombie the next round.

Zombie Outbreak(Role Play Triology)


ZOMBIE OUTBREAK© is a Fun and inventive game that does not require any modifacations (A.K.A. Mods )of Any Kind, that was started on {PLA} Invincible in the summer of 2010 on Star Wars Battle Front (A.K.A. SWBF) by Mr. Frog and Penguin Commando.

CIS and Rebels:ZOMBIES

Stormies and Clones: SURVIVORS


Gamorean Guards: ZOMBIE GUARDS



ZOMBIE OUTBREAK: the beginning

The first ZOMBIE OUTBREAK was played with

Mr. Frog

Penguin Commando

Spicey Chicken

And a few others I can't remember :)



Zombie OUTBREAK 2 was played with

Twitch (Retired)

Mr. Frog

Spicy Chicken

Penguin Commando



ZOMBIE OUTBREAK 3 Story plot was  "A nuculer war breaks out crating 3 Kinds of ZOMBIES

(1) Nuculer ZOMBIES (A.K.A. Tusken Raiders)

(2) Ultra ZOMBIES (A.K.A. Heroes such as Count Duku, Mace Windu, Luke SkyWalker, and Darth Vader.)

(3) Ordinary ZOMBIES (CIS and Rebels) are Ground Attack Zombies wich are rather Vicious..

                             ZOMBIE OUTBREAK Map Guide

Topicana City, Camino: Research Facility witch ZOMBIES were exadently bread from.

Tattonie, Dune See: Radioactive Nuculer War Zone left deselate after years of Battle.

Bespin, Plat Forms: The SURVIVORS escape takes place using the Abundant Ships

Nabbo, City: The SURVIVORS home planet(Wich they fight the ZOMBIES from many times).




{KOR} Yoda

Penguin Commando


Participating players:

Mr. Frog



Penguin Commando

(A few others I can't remember)



Ranks for the SURVIVORS established:

Commander (Leader) - Sniper Penguin Commando (1.O) ,DarkLord (2.O), {oXt} Kicka A$$ (3.O)

Medic  - Engineer Dark Lord

Captain - Jet Trooper Dr. Frog, Dark Lord, Kicka A$$, NOOBTROOPER, and {DL} GOKU.

Survivor - Regular Trooper RickCastle


Participating players:

Mr. Frog



Penguin Commando

(A few others I can't remember)

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