Five years of Brotherhood

Tactical Commando Force

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A galaxy divided by war.... 

War erupts when a fragmented galaxy faces hard decisions and two factions rise up to oppose each other.  On this page, explore both sides of the Clone Wars by learning more about significant individuals presented in the {Tactical Commando Force}’s FRONTLINES

Galactic Republic                   Neutral Factions                Separatist Alliance 

This page is dedicated to returning characters. More context to be added with each passing Episode!

CC-5011 - "Penguin"

A well viewed commander in the 41st Elite Corps; Penguin serves under Jedi General Yoda, and is a dedicated, tactical and humorous trooper. 

Special Operations on Hoth - Officiating and overseeing the assassination attempt of Chrishaga BinHaden on Hoth, Penguin leads the Special Ops team deep into the Rebel base in search of the terrorist. Upon defeating him, a wounded trooper designated CT-0565, Storm, shoots the terrorist leader with a deadly shot to the head. They return to the shuttle above planet to await the next assignment.

ARC Epsilon-45 - "Rick"

Lethal fighter, freethinking and fiercely loyal, Rick is an independent soldier, relying only on his skill for survival. Committed to his duty and to the welfare of clone troopers under his charge, the ARC trooper commander has been known to disobey orders if deemed necessary.

Special Operations on Hoth - Co-leading the Hoth strike, the commander clears a path to the hidden Rebel base, where they find the terrorist leader and exterminate him. Taking back wounded soldiers, the freedom fighter waits his next deployment.

Hostage Extraction - Having received intelligence of a new weapon under development for the Separatist cause, the Republic sends a team under the direction of ARC Epsilon-45 to infiltrate enemy lines and capture the man in charge of the project. Taking out the patrols, Rick and his team from the 41st Elite Corps move in and capture General Poloris with ease. The next task, that of which getting him to talk will prove to be much more challenging...

CT 42/701 - "Billy"

Forthcoming character in FRONTLINES Episode III: Desert Descent. 

CT 66-1595 - "Moya"

Forthcoming character in FRONTLINES Episode III: Desert Descent.

CT 54/008 - "Frosty"

Forthcoming character in FRONTLINES Episode III: Desert Descent.

Glynn Vilson

Forthcoming character in FRONTLINES Episode III: Desert Descent. 

General Poloris

Trusted General in the armies of the Confederacy, awarded for his service and very secretive, General Poloris has been in the Clone Wars war since Geonosis, but few know of his existence.

Hostage Extraction - Charged with safeguarding a secret weapon being developed on the icy planet of Zaadja, the CIS General hides away in a secret base on the Forest moon of Endor. When the Republic comes to call, they take out his men and capture the phantom general to whom they plan to extract the location of the new weapon.

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