Five years of Brotherhood

Tactical Commando Force

STAR WARS: The Old Republic

Welcome to the {Tactical Commando Force}'s SWTOR page on the clan's website! We take pride on not limiting ourselves to a Guild but by accepting that we are now part of a Clan!


Active Servers: The Harbinger - PvE                          Galactic Republic


For new SWTOR members, please bear in mind that the {TcF} is as of yet, primarily a STAR WARS: Battlefront and STAR WARS: Battlefront II clan.

The {Tactical Commando Force} clan's STAR WARS: The Old Republic Division is currently solely for classes that have no sensitivity to the Force; hereby being the Republic Trooper, the Smuggler, the Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter as well as all Republic faction players.

PvE Servers 

Our mission on PvE servers is to be supportive in your apprenticeship as you level up your characters while providing a spoiler free environment so as to not tarnish your personal adventure through the world of STAR WARS: The Old Republic. How do we plan to accomplish this? Well, we're certainly glad you asked:

-       Tackling world quests and storylines in groups with your clan-mates

-       Organized help to complete various FLASHPOINTS

-       Coming together to track down your missing achievements

-       Compete in warzones as a group

-       Socialize with fun, interesting and unique individuals as you get a chance to explore the clan’s full view of the  STAR WARS Universe from SWBF to SWTOR! 

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Website recognition

In order to show who you are in STAR WARS: The Old Republic, we ask you to please put the names of the characters you play in-game, or just the ones associated to the clan/guild, on your profile and by option, your signature. Please place your character's class picture on the far left, with your character's name in the middle and finally his/hers current level. The required format is seen bellow with links to the necessary images per class.

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Current Roster

The Harbinger

 Hëwkii 22   Lândo 31  Andinest 28 Eeal'ari 13

 MikeMyers 31 Pengster 11 Pacem'sek 55 Kînnjax 55

CLASS ICON(Character's name) (current level)

Smuggler - Trooper - Jedi Knight - Jedi Consular

Imperial Agent - Bounty Hunter - Sith Warrior - Sith Inquisitor








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